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How to beat the night time munchies

I've lost count of how many people have asked me over the years "How do I get rid of the night time munchies?", "I do great all day and then I get a snack attack in the evening and all my good intentions go out the window!"

If you find yourself reaching for more than your fair share of evening snacks, and often the wrong ones, then read on to learn how to beat the night time munchies.

Firstly, let's look at the cause of this kind of snacking. Our evenings may be less structured than our days and perhaps less busy so we have less to distract us. We may have just got into the simple habit of a sweet after dinner which leads to more snacks. On the other hand, we may be stressed, busy and time poor so we reach for the sweet, salty and starchy foods to satisfy our hunger in a rush. This raises our blood sugars to an all-time high, closely followed by a massive dip which promotes more hunger and the blood sugar roller coaster cycle continues throughout the night. One study at the Journal of Obesity states that we may even be 'programmed' to reach for salty, sweet and starchy foods mid evening as it would have helped our ancestors to store fat in times when food was scarce. The problem is that the wrong type of night time snacking does exactly that, stores fat!