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Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Bootique Fitness can help you to experience a healthy pregnancy and the quickest recovery possible. You’ll be in safe hands as I not only operate as a specialist in this area; I am also responsible for training fitness instructors nationally to use these skills for a number of UK fitness training providers.

There are endless benefits to exercise during pregnancy and beyond into motherhood:

  • Eliminates any additional excess weight gain and saggy skin
  • Prevents childhood obesity
  • Builds mum's self-esteem and confidence
  • Increases energy and ability to relax
  • May reduce time in labour and need for obstetrics
  • Maintains strength and fitness for the demands of motherhood
  • Maintains posture as baby and breasts grow
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate back pain
  • Helps keep mum and baby healthy

Training with Sharon will ensure that you follow a safe and effective exercise programme which will be adapted throughout your pregnancy. The exercises will be modified to address maternal symptoms week by week. Nutritional Coaching will also keep you strong, healthy and give you the best chance of returning to a healthy weight post pregnancy.

Baby Play Pen eliminating need for childcare

Bootique Fitness provides a small baby play pen for young babies and new mothers, eliminating the need for initial childcare up until the age of 12-18 months.

Screening & Consultation

Before we embark on any training, I will take you through a full screening process to assess your health, fitness level and nutrition. We will set some goals and targets to aim for and I will provide you with all the necessary information you need to achieve these goals.

It's worked for us


Sharon is an inspirational trainer; during my pregnancy she kept me healthy and extremely motivated. Her knowledge of fitness and well-being, during pregnancy helped me feel safe and taken care of. Her experience in the field helped me not gain any excess weight during my pregnancy, and I feel it made it easier for me to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. I looked forward to every session with Sharon, and I was able to exercise up to the ninth month of my pregnancy. I believe this kept me and my baby healthy during and after my pregnancy. I would recommend Sharon's services to everyone wanting to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy. 
Sara Jane Muttock, Warrington

amy before amy turner 

Having always been quite active, it was important for me to keep fit during my pregnancy. Personal training with Sharon helped me stay strong and healthy. During my sessions I always felt challenged and Sharon ensured that the health and safety of my baby and I were at the forefront of every exercise. Despite being in the final stages of my pregnancy I always felt energised after training and continued to work out with Sharon up to 37 weeks. Now, just 6 weeks after having my daughter Lola by Caesarean section, my shape has almost returned to normal, even before I start to workout again and I'm certain this is because I continued to exercise under Sharon's guidance throughout my pregnancy. I'm looking forward to starting my post natal training sessions and becoming leaner, stronger and fit enough to keep up with the demands of being a new mum!
Amy Turner, 39.