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One-to-One Training

It’s all about you! With your goals in mind, I will dedicate time getting to know you, understanding your mind set and developing an individual programme that targets your goals. Whether it is weight loss and toning, increased energy, improved fitness or training for a more specific sporting event or fitness challenge, the overall outcome will be bags more energy, improved confidence and better performance in every area of life.

No matter what your fitness level, age or size, I will strive to put you at ease and ensure that your exercise programme is appropriate for you and only you. No Bootcamp style ‘Sergeant Major’ approach, I promise!

Screening & Consultation

Before we embark on any training, I will take you through a full screening process to assess your health, fitness level and body composition. We will set some goals and targets to aim for and provide you with all the necessary information you need to achieve these goals. This may combine with both nutrition and mental coaching. (Click here for more info)

It's worked for us


I started training with Sharon at the end of January 2014 with the initial intention of losing a little weight, maybe getting a little fitter and stronger. I am a keen cyclist and with the help of Sharon's structured exercise and specific nutrition advice, I achieved positive results immediately and have maintained excellent progress since. In addition to my weight and body fat% improvements, I FEEL much better in myself. I shed over a stone in the first 8 weeks, dropped 8% body fat and lost 7cm from my waist. I continue to train with Sharon today and I'd happily recommend her services to anybody!
Mike Higgs, Warrington


After the first 8 weeks of Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching with Sharon, I shed over 6kg in weight, dropped 3.5% body fat and reduced my waist measurement from moderate risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) to LOW risk of CHD. All in just 8 weeks! I’m now a regular participant in Sharon’s Personal Training sessions and have gone on to shift 12kg in weight and 10% body fat to reach my goals. I’m delighted!
Jan Morton, Warrington